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Antique or modern, indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, we at Zito’s offer any possible type of metal refinishing and lighting services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Polishing and Lacquering

Zito's offers polishing and lacquering to Brass, Bronze, Copper, Sterling Silver, Lead, Pewter, Aluminum, and Titanium.

Note: Lacquer is a clear coat. Lacquer will protect the metal from tarnishing quicker than if it were bare and exposed to the elements. This does not devalue your piece or harm it. Lacquer can be removed as quickly and easily as it is put on.

Same Day Service 
 for front door hardware

Want to have your front door hardware polished and lacquered, but can't leave your door unlocked over night? Well, Zito's is the answer! 

We offer same day service Monday - Thursday. Bring your items before 10AM and we will have it back to you between 3-4PM.

Lighting Parts 
 for sale and for in shop install

Zito's carries various types of lamp parts for your every need! If the item isn't in stock, a member of our team will place an order for you. Our supply is available for sale or if you'd rather us do the hard work, we would be glad to handle it for you. We offer complete rewiring services to simple socket changes. 

Example of items available: Sockets, harps, chain, wire, plugs, clusters, canopies, prisms, candle covers, ground wire attachments, electrical box mounting sets, touch sensors, turn switches, pull chains, and much more!


Zito's process of cleaning is in reference to already plated items. This includes items that are Silver plated, Gold plated, Tin plated, Nickel plated, or Copper plated. In order for this procedure to be available, there must be enough previous plating remaining on the item.


Zito's specialty plating includes antique and modern finishes. All plating is done in our shop and nothing is sent out! 

Our plating finishes include: 24KT Gold, Silver, Nickel, Brush Nickel, Copper, oxidized Copper, oil rub Bronze, Pewter, and mixed plating.

Bead Blasting

When dealing with special metals, bead blasting is better quality way of cleaning than sand blasting. Our blast cabinet contains fine glass beads that do not pit the metal. This produces a perfectly clean and unharmed surface to work with.

For instance, Iron items are blasted clean before we prime and paint them. This gives us a more perfected look and at the same time extends the "life" of the piece rather than painting straight over rust.

Have an Iron skillet that has seen better days? Let us schedule an appointment for same day blasting! This allows for you to cure your pan that very evening before any impurities get the chance to redevelop.

 We Also Do

Gas to electric conversions  // Satin finishes // Lamp fabricating // Tinning of Copper cookware  // Cleaning and replacements of crystal prisms  // Chandelier, lamp, and metal repairs  // Refinishing of sacred church items  //  Lacquer removal // Metal soldering

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