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About Us

Personalized Approach

Zito's Plating and Polishing Works is a family owned small business that was started in 1946. Zito's has been broadening its field of clients all across the United States ever since. All of work is done in house by our select employees, who are specialized in their fields. This gives our customers a sense of personalization to their piece instead of a mass produced manufactured product.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Here at Zito's, the quick and easy way isn't how we conduct our services. There aren't any short cuts with us. We give our customers an all around perfected job and provide our clients with exactly what they pay for. From our quality materials we use down to the time and effort we put into making your job beautiful, is what gives us sense of worth.

Accredited and Approved

Our business has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau for the past 30 years and counting! We believe in continuing the vision of a more trustworthy market. From small individual jobs to large commercial jobs, we treat them as if they were our own. Some of our commercial references include: United States Custom House, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, St. Louis Cathedral, Delgado Community College, Municipal Auditorium, Immaculate Conception Church, Jesuit High School Chapel, and much more.

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Finding Perfection

Labor of Love
By: Pamela Marquis
Biz New Orleans

Settled into a friendly neighborhood on Banks Street, Zito’s Plating and Polishing Works is in the business of transformation. 

For 75 years, Zito’s has been transforming tarnished and damaged family heirlooms into gleaming family treasures. They also restore and repair lighting and plate a variety of items to please.

Henry McCloskey, Zito’s owner is the second generation of this small family business started by his grandfather, Charles Zito. Henry now works with a staff of six, which includes his son Corey.

“We just finished up one of our biggest jobs ever,” says Corey. “We rebuilt 30 light fixtures at Gallier Hall.”

“It was a total rebuild from screws to sockets, the whole nine yards,” adds Henry quickly. “We’re full service and we take pride in our work.”

Zito’s doesn’t take any short cuts. Whether it’s antique or modern, indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential the team always pays attention to the details.

“The quick and easy way isn’t how we conduct our services,” says Corey.

Zito's specialty plating includes antique and modern finishes and all plating is done in their shop.  They’ll even prepare your old rusted cast iron skillet for the perfect curing. Additionally, they’re known for their lighting repairs from the lamp on your bed stand to the chandelier in the hall.

“Our business has changed through the generations, we are doing much more lighting now,” says Corey. “I think it’s because people today buy cheaper things that aren’t worth restoring. You just buy it and throw it away and buy another. And silver is on the decline. I mean when have you gone somewhere for dinner and they break out the silver service set.”

At the age of 14, Henry began helping out his grandfather and 12 years ago Corey began learning the trade from his father.

“I have very big shoes to fill and I guess I’m filling my grandfather’s shoes too. I enjoy every single day and I’m very proud to work here,” Corey says.

A stout lab named Daddy came to visit Zito’s one day and then decided to stay. He’s now the store’s official greeting committee. During the time I was in the store one morning, a neighbor silently came in and attached a leash to the dog. Then the pair headed out the door.

“That’s a friend,” says Corey. “Around here everyone comes and goes. We’re like the neighborhood coffee shop.”

The atmosphere is clearly relaxed, laid back and full of joy but one thing is abundantly clear, this family takes their family business very seriously.

“When we do a restoration we do all of it from new screws to new nuts,” Corey says.  “We not interested in getting it done quickly we want to give perfection.”

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New Orleans Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue
October 2016, page 47 & 168

Clarion Herald Newspaper 

4th May 2014, page 8

     For the past 67 years, Zito's Plating and Polishing has provided quality, metal restoration at fair prices.


Henry McCloskey is the second generation in this family business started by his grandfather, Charles Zito, owning Zito's for 35 years. He hopes to pass the business on to his son, Corey.


McCloskey has seen the popularity of metals come and go.


"At one time, brass was in," McCloskey said. "Now everybody is going from brass to brushed nickel. I can offer you 13 different finishes on a piece of metal by the process of electro-plating - taking one metal and putting another on top of it."


He also silver-plates and polishes family heirlooms (silverware, tea services, etc.) and brass lighting fixtures, chandeliers and table and floor lamps.


"We can take and refurbish it to make it look like when they got it in the 1800s."


Zito's specializes in restoring chalices, ciborium's and tabernacles and anything else in churches.


McCloskey said his motivation is the satisfaction gained for restorations.


"Bringing new life to something the customer brings in gives me a sense of accomplishment," he said. "I often hear how something looks better than when it was bought or 'it never looked this good.'"



New Orleans Home & Gardens Magazine
December 1996, page 40

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